Some Information about your Pastel Portrait

Pastels were traditionally used in the 18th Century for painting royal portraiture, the soft pastel medium can trace its roots back to prehistoric cave paintings.  It has been in and out of style in the last four centuries, and now enjoying a modern day resurgence of popularity, due to their intense colours, permanence and no need for drying.

My paintings are created using the finest brands of pastel pencils and chalks for their lightfast capabilities and permanence.  Surfaces I use are acid free and archival.  Lightfastness simply means it’s resistance to fading due to light.  However, it is important not to hang your portrait facing direct sunlight.

Portraits are not sprayed with a fixative as I find this dulls the colour, and can often separate the pastel work. Therefore it is important to keep your portrait safe until it is framed.  Keep it in the original packaging until you are ready to frame.

I can offer a professional framing service and can give you suggestions of mouldings to best suit your painting.

If you commission a portrait in pastels from me you will receive a timeless piece of original artwork, created specifically from your own photograph as a reference.

It can never be replicated and so giving you a one off beautiful painting of your special friend.