Photo Requirements

Getting the right photo is key for me to achieve the best portrait.

Sometimes this can be difficult especially if your pet has passed away.  In these cases I ask for a selection of photographs and assess whether I am able to work with them to capture your pet.

Most of us these days use our phones or tablets to snap photos, so easy to use when we are out and about.  However, to use these images for a portrait can be really tricky, as often they are not as sharp and clear, or have dark shadows and are too far in the distance.  So using a traditional camera is recommended and to take a variety of images, so I can see from an artist’s perspective what would work best.

I ask for images to be emailed in their original format, not resized, edited or enhanced in any way.

A few tips on getting the right angle and light.

  • Kneel/crouch down so you are at your pet’s level.  Your pet can then look directly at the camera, as opposed to looking upwards
  • Outside in natural light to avoid camera flare.  Photos taken inside often need a flash because of low light, this causes red/flash eyes.
  • Frame your image filling all the space in your view finder.  Be careful not to chop off ears though!
  • Try to avoid strong sunlight, and take in a shaded area with the light source behind you

Perfect for a Portrait Painting