Border Terrier Dog Artist

My favourite Breed the Border Terrier It’s great being a Dog Artist and being able to enjoy hearing all about the various breeds especially the border terrier! Of course I am biased because of our very own Border, but they do have such great personalities. I have received quite a few commissions of the border… Continue reading Border Terrier Dog Artist

Cockapoo Painting

Apricot Coloured Cockapoo Painting of Jake Jake is such a lovely colouring and he is so gentle. Although he can definitely stick up for himself if he needs to! Probably vocally, not physically. He loves attention lying on his back for tummy rubs. There is another Cockapoo painting of Jake’s companion Maisie. Cockapoos are a… Continue reading Cockapoo Painting

Dog Portrait Artist

Dog Portrait Artist Ozzie’s dog portrait painting I did a few months ago and this is to show you as an artist his cheeky expression. Apparently he often holds his ears in this way and looks sorry for himself! It always amazes me the many difficult expressions a dog can give you. They really do… Continue reading Dog Portrait Artist

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