Border Terrier Dog Artist

My favourite Breed the Border Terrier

border terrier breed of dog portrait painting in soft pastels

It’s great being a Dog Artist and being able to enjoy hearing all about the various breeds especially the border terrier! Of course I am biased because of our very own Border, but they do have such great personalities.

I have received quite a few commissions of the border terrier with clients looking for a dog artist. Our Binny’s painting is 5 years old now, so maybe I need to do a more recent one.

Cheeky Personalities

Terrier Dogs do have very different personalities to that of say the Labrador, and they can be especially demanding!

This website describes the traits of Border Terriers describing them as fearless and it is very true. Incredibly tough and strong and they have a very good stamina. They are a great medium size dog too and absolutely love children. I think because they like to play and see children as fun companions.

Border Terrier Dog Artist

Should you be thinking of a gift that is unique dog portraits are extra special. How lovely to have a painting on your wall which every time you look at it makes you smile. Our dogs break our hearts when they leave this world and a painting can be cherished for a lifetime.

Professional Animal Artist established for over 15 years. Living in Devon near the beach with my partner and our Border Terrier Dog Binny.