Devon Artist

Devon Artist

This is a painting I did for my partner for Christmas 2016, where does the time go! Binny she is our gorgeous Border Terrier.

Binny is 7 years old, but still acts like a puppy, she has so much energy and loves to play.  She can be a bit temperamental around other dogs, especially other border terriers!

Bespoke Framing options

Framed in a Larson Juhl premier frame moulding.  Real wood frames are much more expensive than the Polycore frames, but you can sometimes get a good quality one that is hard to tell the difference.  Paintings are framed using spacers in the rebate of the frame to give sufficient distance from the glass.

Pastels are extremely delicate and can be smudged very easily, also over time small particles of dust may fall, these will then go into the recess and not been seen.  Should a pastel painting be mounted then these dust particles will been seen as small dots particularly on the cream/white mounts.

I have shipped my paintings overseas to Canada and America, but it can prove to be quite stressful especially now with the American import regulations which does delay the delivery.  So I am now posting to the UK only.