Dog Art Helen Chugg

Dog Art – Helen Chugg


My latest commission  completed is a lovely black labrador, her name is Pip.  Pip’s owners live around an hour or so drive, so I was able to meet her in person.  Getting on a bit in year, she doesn’t like too much fuss and prefers to be in her home environment. 

This painting is 12′ x 10′ aperture and the overall size being approx 17″ x 15″.  More recently I am framing portraits in a lovely shaped wide wood moulding.  It comes made in a bare wood, which has a lovely smooth surface to paint.  The popular colours I am using are a Laura Ashley very pale twine and Little Greene High White, which is a very pale grey.  The framing sets the paintings off perfectly.

All my Pet Portraits are also framed using TruVue ultra low reflection, which gives optimum viewing.  It makes a huge different to the usual float glass, and often looks as though there is no glass at all!

Working now just part time, I get booked very quickly.  So it is always worth booking your place well in advance.  Please get in touch through the enquiry form.  I will then reply through my email address, where you can send photographs.

Dog Quirky Art

Black Labrador Cartoon Style Painting


Dog Quirky Art paintings with bright backgrounds. Just recently I have started to paint with my pastels in a cartoon style.  I have been selling them locally up until now.  Usually I am busy with my realistic style commissions, however, I have been finding time to explore my imagination. 

Dogs are always very popular and I am hoping to come up with some more dog breed themed paintings. It is a bit of fun, and I really enjoy mixing bright colours.  Framing is included with the option of Art Glass which is ultra low reflection with optimum viewing. 

These paintings do not take as long to achieve, and therefore are very affordable!

This quirky dog painting is named “Libby Lab”

This painting is available, please get in touch.  Follow my page for updates!

Bideford Dog Artist


It has been such a lovely week of weather in Littleham near Bideford, and Binny our Border Terrier has been on lots of lovely dog walks.  It is difficult sometimes to get into “artist work” mode when the weather is so lovely.  Even working part time, which I am lucky I can do.

This new painting is of a very handsome and proud Golden Retriever and his name is Bentley.  Commissioned as a surprise combined anniversary gift and the recipients were over the moon!

Bentley according to his owners has a characteristic being “that look” which was commented I had achieved perfectly.  For me it is really important to see the individual character and concentrate on getting it right.  

This breed of dog lends itself so well for photography and painting.  

Bideford Dog Artist

Telephone 07367116468 Bideford Dog Artist.  This is a dedicated phone number for pet portrait enquiries only.  Or email through the contact form

Happy clients, makes the effort more than worth while….

“Thank you once again for your amazing work, seeing your work in ‘the flesh’ is even better than expected from the image you sent through.  One very happy customer”. 

What exactly are pastels?

A soft pastel is typically in the form of a stick, consisting of pure powdered pigment and a binder to hold it all together. The pigments used in pastels are the same as those used to produce other art mediums, including oil paints, so not much different. The colour effect of pastels is closer to the natural dry pigments than any other medium, which sometimes gets you that soft colour everyone raves about. Perfect for Pet Portrait Paintings!

Pet Portraits Bideford

During Lockdown in Littleham near Bideford I have been slowly working on my pet portraits.  With the weather being so hot and sunny it has been difficult not to do the gardening instead!

Just before the world went mad, I did meet up with Wilf’s owner and Wilf of course, in the local park.  There I took some photographs of him to use as reference for his pet portrait painting. Wilf is companion and friend for his owner.  The commission was gifted as a thank you from a close friend.  What a very special gift!

You can click on the image to view it in a larger size.  If you have a pet and are interested in portraits please get in touch via the enquiry form.  I will then reply from my email address.  Please include as much detail as possible especially a date you may have in mind.

This year for many reasons I am not taking on as many commission bookings as I have done in past years.  Therefore if there is a birthday coming up, or any occasions I recommend booking as soon as possible.


Local Pet Artist


This is Sprocket whose parents saw in a local cafe one of my pet paintings.  They were looking for a local pet artist to paint their lovely cocker spaniel for Christmas.

Local Pet Artist

I visited Sprocket to take some photographs.  She was such a good dog and loved sitting and posing.  I sat her on an outside bench.  The weather was perfect being a bright overcast day.  Too much sun will cause dark contrasting shadows and bright highlights.  Some overcast days are a little to dull, but a camera can be adjusted accordingly.  The photos can also be edited in photoshop. However, I like to get photos as natural as possible for colour.

As a bonus Sprocket’s owners had a free photoshoot with some lovely images of Sprocket. 

My photographs are taken in a raw format so the light can be lifted slightly, not too much.  You have more options with camera photography.  Although some phones especially iphones do have good cameras, there is not much post production to be achieved.

I really enjoy taking photographs, especially portrait.  Not so much into scenery photography.  It brings a smile to your face when you have captured a special moment or expression on someone’s face.

Dog Artist Barnstaple

Zeus and Aspect are sadly no longer with us, but if you are looking for a dog artist in Barnstaple I can take photos for you.  There were a lot of photos of these two German Shepherd dos, but very few of quality.  Eventually I took two separate images and photoshopped them together.

Dog Artist Barnstaple

We have been living in Littleham which is not far from Barnstaple for almost 4 years ago.  I would say that now half of my paintings are commissioned fairly local. Although I do think if you particularly like the style of an Artist then using a courier is no problem.  Although for framed paintings there is a maximum size of 14″x”18.  This really is because of the safety of the glass.  It is very hard to get insurance that covers glass. The glass I use is also more expensive than standard glass, as it has minimal reflective qualities.

German Shepherd Dogs have lovely thick dense coats which with the pastel medium I can create a soft realistic feel to the painting.  Pastels are very messy, especially as I use my fingers a lot to smooth and blend. It is not wise to blow the dust off the painting.



Painted Pets

Poppy has received her recently painted pets portrait, and was absolutely delighted! So much so, she wanted a photo sat next to it.

Painted Pets near you

It is that time of year and I have been very busy.  Painted pets in pastel capturing the true essence of your dog, horse or cat.  If you can find me locally, I am happy to take reference photographs free of charge!

Of course we have a soft spot for Border Terriers as we own one ourselves!  Although Poppy does look to be a bit more obedient than our Binny.



Pet Artist Locally

Finding a pet artist locally has many advantages.  The main one being meeting your dogs.  Kye and Rosie live in Holsworthy which is not too far from Littleham.  Their mum having recently retired was gifted a voucher from her work colleagues.  What a great gift.

Pet Artist near Holsworthy

Having a list to choose from of different pet artists my client wanted a realistic portrayal.  Having found me on her doorstep was a great bonus.  We arranged a meeting here where I met her two gorgeous dogs Kye and Rosie.  Not only could I show my client some paintings for real, we also had the opportunity to go through frame sizes.

I keep a selection of frames here in the studio, some of which are one offs I accumulate from visits to galleries.  These frames I purchase at a fraction of the usual price.  This way I can offer an all inclusive service with premium quality frames.  All of which are solid wood from the premier framing moulding companies such as Larson Juhl.

Dog Artist North Devon

I ended up taking two separate photos of Kye and Rosie, as it was quite difficult!  Kye is a big dog of mixed breeds.  Both are rescue dogs.  Rosie being a lurcher type is a soft and very gentle dog.  Kye was a bit more boisterous with a very deep bark, but very friendly and so handsome.

My client chose a gorgeous leather effect frame and with the dark green background the painting was set off beautifully.

Pet Artist Feedback


As a pet artist and working from clients own photos, feedback means a great deal.  Receiving really positive comments from the recipients help boost my confidence. It can sometimes be a little daunting when the painting is delivered and waiting for a response.  Then the relief comes flooding in, not only that it has arrived safely, but receiving the overwhelming kind comments.

Our pets are so very special, especially the canine variety.  Sadly when they leave us it creates such a void in our lives. Of course we have photo snaps to remind us of all the walks and fun times, but a painting means just that little bit more.  After all they are a member of the family, never to be forgotten.

Floss the Collie 

Here is Floss a beautiful Collie Dog who was so devoted to her family.  Floss’ painting was commissioned as a special anniversary surprise.  Today I received a lovely email, here is what was said….. “With the help of  our 8 year old daughter Eleanor I opened the 10th wedding anniversary gift on Thursday morning.  The beautiful painting reduced us both to tears.  It now has a prominent place on our living room wall”.

See all the latest comments on my Facebook Page.


Local Dog Artist


Pet Artist Locally

If you are looking for a local dog artist, or pet artist, finding one locally has many benefits.  I can offer a free one hour photo-shoot.  This can either be here in Littleham or at your home.  Dogs can be brought here and sometimes a neutral environment works well.  Not just a local dog artist, so if you have a cat I am happy to visit when it is convenient for you and when your cat is home!  If you would like you horse photographed as a reference image, then I can meet you at their field/stable. 

The weather is a very important factor when taking photographs.  Obviously if it is raining or too windy it is not possible.  Bright sunshine can also cause a lot of problems.  Harsh midday sun often causes too much contrast and shadow.  The effect is then having too much dark and light areas making the features more severe. 

Therefore a bright overcast day is perfect to capture your pet at their best.  This light is great for capturing the natural colours in their coats and eyes. 

Painting Mocks

After I have taken a selection of photos I can upload them to my computer whilst you are here.  Or I can email any suitable images for you to make a choice.  

Neutral background colours are best if  you wish your pet to stand out.  I can offer 3 mock-ups in photoshop with different neutral background colours so we can see what looks best. 

This is all included in the price quoted.