Cat Pet Portraits



I don’t really have many cat commissions and over the last few years, maybe have had just one or two.  So there is not specific Gallery for cat pet portraits.  Although I will upload pastel paintings of any I do paint in my blog. 

Cat Pet Portraits

I think if I were to own a cat it would have to be the British Blue Shorthair, which actually does come in other colours. Another painting of a British Shorthair cat I had commissioned was a beautiful peachy cream colour.

The British Shorthair is the pedigreed version of the traditional British domestic cat. They have such gorgeous fat chubby faces what are so endearing and cuddly.   They are fiercely loyal and affectionate, therefore make great companions for those living on their own.

Local Artist

Cats are notoriously hard to photograph!  With their independent nature and mind of their own it can sometimes be impossible.  The trick is to wait for the right opportunity, and to have your camera ready!

Harvey was painting for a special 40th birthday surprise.


“It is brilliant.  The detail you have on him is fantastic, you clever lady.  I am so excited, I can’t wait to give it to her”.

Cockapoo Dog Portrait


It is amazing how quickly a breed becomes popular, and it is not surprising a Cockapoo Dog Portrait is popular too.  They are one of the cutest dogs around.  With their curly locks and fun personalities they make great pets for families.  I have painted a few dogs of this breed in various colours. Although they do take a little longer to paint with all the curls.

Dog Artist

If anyone has already commissioned me with a painting of their dog, any breed, gifts are also available.  Gifts including cushions, table coasters, phone and ipad cases.  These are just a few, other gifts include mugs and fridge magnets.  All making fantastic gifts for the dog lover.  Just message me and I can arrange to upload your painting picture to a site where they can be purchased. 


Method of payment will be Paypal.  You can purchase any of the merchandise yourself on the site.  Just let me know and I can give you the direct link, once I have uploaded the images. Just to be aware I do not make or print any of this merchandise myself.  I particularly like the idea of table coasters and have purchased some of our Binny. 

Gifts with your Painting

I will have a couple of very cute cockapoo dog paintings to upload very soon.  They live locally near Instow in North Devon and we took photographs for reference. Although it did take two attempts!  As the black cockapoo was very difficult to capture.  So I borrowed my other half’s camera and used an external flash. The owners ended up with some lovely photographs to cherish of their cockapoos, as well as a two unique pet portraits. 

Contact me through the enquiry form, and I will reply with my email address as soon as possible.  I look forward to hearing from you!



Custom Pet Portraits

Labrador Painting

Part of a double Portrait of mother and daughter


Last week I made a plan to order some different brand of pastels for creating custom pet portraits.  My favourite brands include Schmincke and Unison for soft pastels.  Caran D’ache and Stabilo for the pastel pencil details.

After a bit of research and reading some reviews I decide to buy a set of Mungyo Pastels.  Bearing in mind they do sell different types of Pastels for beginners.  I opted for their Handmade pastels which on first glass look exactly like Unison!

Custom Pet Portraits

Mungyo Pastels are made in South Korea and are actually quite hard to purchase.  I bought my set from Amazon, however, this was the only set available.  I also searched Google for retailers but didn’t find any that sold the Handmade version.  So actually this is going to be a problem to be able to buy more!  Especially as there is no option to buy individual colours, therefore you can’t replace your favourite colours.  Also buying another smaller or bigger set, you will just end up duplicating the ones you already have.

They are I would say harder than Unison and definitely harder than Schmincke, but not as hard as most of the cheaper Brands.  So my conclusion is for the price, which I have to say is very very good, they are definitely worth it.  Especially for filling in larger areas where perhaps you would not wish to waste too much pastel with the more expensive brands.

There were a few new shades to add my to collection, which is growing rapidly!  Not sure I will ever use all of my soft pastels completely!

I have a large Plan Chest which is absolutely perfect for storing my soft pastels, pan pastels, sticks and pencils.  I do have a large variety.  The soft pastels are bedded on drawer inserts which I bought from Ikea.  These inserts are made for storing jewellery, but work great for pastels.

Dog Art Helen Chugg

Dog Artist


My latest commission  completed is a lovely black labrador, her name is Pip.  Pip’s owners live around an hour or so drive, so I was able to meet her in person.  Getting on a bit in year, she doesn’t like too much fuss and prefers to be in her home environment. 

Pet Portrait Artist Locally

This painting is 12′ x 10′ aperture and the overall size being approx 17″ x 15″.  More recently I am framing portraits in a lovely shaped wide wood moulding.  It comes ready made in  bare wood, which has a lovely smooth surface from which to paint on.  The popular colours I am using are a Laura Ashley very pale twine and Little Greene High White, which is a very pale grey.  The framing sets the paintings off perfectly.

All my Pet Portraits are also framed using TruVue ultra low reflection, which gives optimum viewing.  It makes a huge different to the usual float glass, and often looks as though there is no glass at all! Portrait paintings are recommended to be hung on a shaded wall.  Not facing direct sunlight.

Working now just part time, I get booked very quickly.  So it is always worth securing a slot in advance of a special birthday or occasion.  Please get in touch through the enquiry form.  I will then reply through my email address, where you can send photographs and gain more information.

Dog Quirky Art

Black Labrador Cartoon Style Painting


Dog Quirky Art paintings with bright backgrounds. Just recently I have started to paint with my pastels in a cartoon style.  I have been selling them locally up until now.  Usually I am busy with my realistic style commissions, however, in between time I have been experiments and coming up with ideas.

Dogs are always very popular and I am hoping to come up with some more dog breed themed paintings. It is a bit of fun, and I really enjoy mixing bright colours.  Framing is included with the option of Art Glass which is ultra low reflection with optimum viewing. 

I can custom a painting of your dog in a quirky style.

This quirky dog painting is named “Libby Lab”

This painting is available, please get in touch.  Follow my page for updates!

Bideford Dog Artist


It has been such a lovely week of weather in Littleham near Bideford, and Binny our Border Terrier has been on lots of lovely dog walks.  It is difficult sometimes to get into “artist work” mode when the weather is so lovely.  Even working part time, which I am lucky I can do.

This new painting is of a very handsome and proud Golden Retriever and his name is Bentley.  Commissioned as a surprise combined anniversary gift and the recipients were over the moon!

Bentley according to his owners has a characteristic being “that look” which was commented I had achieved perfectly.  For me it is really important to see the individual character and concentrate on getting it right.  

This breed of dog lends itself so well for photography and painting.  

Bideford Dog Artist

Telephone 07367116468 Bideford Dog Artist.  This is a dedicated phone number for pet portrait enquiries only.  Or email through the contact form

Happy clients, makes the effort more than worth while….

“Thank you once again for your amazing work, seeing your work in ‘the flesh’ is even better than expected from the image you sent through.  One very happy customer”. 

What exactly are pastels?

A soft pastel is typically in the form of a stick, consisting of pure powdered pigment and a binder to hold it all together. The pigments used in pastels are the same as those used to produce other art mediums, including oil paints, so not much different. The colour effect of pastels is closer to the natural dry pigments than any other medium, which sometimes gets you that soft colour everyone raves about. Perfect for Pet Portrait Paintings!

Pet Portraits Bideford


Luckily for me during lockdown near Bideford my work routine hasn’t changed, so I have been busy keeping my mind off things and working on my pet portraits.

Pet Portraits Bideford

During early March before the virus was known to be as serious as it is, I met up with Wilf’s owner and Wilf of course, in the local park.  Where I took some photographs of him to use as reference for his pet portrait painting. Wilf is companion and friend for his owner.  The commission was gifted as a thank you from a close friend.  What a very special gift!

Pet portraits make very special gift and what a way to treat someone you care about! 

Very sadly Wilf left this life not long after his painting was gifted, so will be a beautiful memory to always treasure.


Local Pet Artist


This is Sprocket whose parents saw in a local cafe one of my pet paintings.  They were looking for a local pet artist to paint their lovely cocker spaniel for Christmas.

Local Pet Artist

I visited Sprocket to take some photographs.  She was such a good dog and loved sitting and posing.  I sat her on an outside bench.  The weather was perfect being a bright overcast day.  Too much sun will cause dark contrasting shadows and bright highlights.  Some overcast days are a little to dull, but a camera can be adjusted accordingly.  The photos can also be edited in photoshop. However, I like to get photos as natural as possible for colour.

As a bonus Sprocket’s owners had a free photoshoot with some lovely images of Sprocket. 

My photographs are taken in a raw format so the light can be lifted slightly, not too much.  You have more options with camera photography.  Although some phones especially iphones do have good cameras, there is not much post production to be achieved.

I really enjoy taking photographs, especially portrait.  Not so much into scenery photography.  It brings a smile to your face when you have captured a special moment or expression on someone’s face.

Dog Artist Barnstaple



German Shepherd dog Solomon.

Dog Artist Barnstaple

We have been living in Littleham which is not far from Barnstaple for 5 years now!  Since that time I have been building a reputation locally. One big benefit of finding a local artist is that I can meet your dog. A photography shoot can be arranged at minimal cost which is ideal to capture the best photo for reference.

You can be assured I have lots of patience and know how difficult it can be, especially when they have minds of their own!

German Shepherd Dogs have lovely thick dense coats which with the pastel medium I can create a soft realistic feel to the painting.  Building layers with deeper base colours adds to the texture.

Please get in touch should you wish to find out more.  Either by my dedicated phone number 07367 116 468 or through my contact form.  If you prefer to contact me through this number, please leave a message if I do not answer.  I do not like to return calls unless a message has been left.



Painted Pets


Poppy has received her recently painted pets portrait, and was absolutely delighted! So much so, she wanted a photo sat next to it.

Painted Pets near you

It is that time of year and I have been very busy.  Painted pets in pastel capturing the true essence of your dog, horse or cat.  If you can find me near by, I am happy to take reference photographs free of charge! Or a small fee for local travel.

Of course we have a soft spot for Border Terriers as we own one ourselves!