Cavalier Spaniel Painting

Pet Portrait Artist in Bideford

Riva a Cavalier Spaniel Painting she is a gentle dog and highly intelligent.  Riva is a performing dog at Crufts and dances with her owner.  I will be painting Leo who is Riva’s companion soon.

King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Painting

The King Charles Cavalier dog is classed as a toy dog and the breed information can be seen going to the link in bold. They are companion dogs, and are good with children so make great family pets.  They do need alot of human interaction, so are ideal for this environment.

Using only the best quality pastel for all of my portrait paintings, including Caran D’ache these pastels come in both cubes and pencils.  The cubes are great for detailed strokes, as they can be broken to provide a sharp edge. However, they are not really suitable to cover and blend large areas.