Dog Artist UK

Finished a gorgeous double painting of two border terriers last week so if you are looking for a dog artist in the UK, I would love to hear from you.  Here is one of the duo, Bentley. His companion is Lola and you can see the full painting here on my dog portfolio.

Lola and Bentley visited to have their reference photos taken, which is a great way to see a little into their personalities.

Bentley is a very quiet border terrier who plods along bothering no-one.  He looks like a teddy bear and is so loving. You can see the love portrayed through his eyes.

Bentley’s companion Lola on the other hand is much more dominant and is the boss! Exactly like our female Border Terrier, Binny she definitely likes to be the boss of the house.  

If you are looking for a dog artist in the uk who paints in a traditional realistic style, I would love to hear from you.

Once I have received your initial enquiry through the enquiry form page I will reply with my email address.  Having an email address exposed on the website just attracts too much spam.  I will then ask you for some photos of your dog and we can proceed from there.