Dog Gallery

Why are dogs good for you?

Here you will see a selection of mixed breed dog portraits in this Dog Gallery, pets are great companions and are good for you. Here is why! There are far too many images to upload of all the paintings I have created over the years so i’ve selected a favourite few.

Labrador Paintings have their own Gallery, as they are by far the most popular breed of dog I have painted. Terrier dogs also have their dedicated Gallery!

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Any dog owner would love to own a painting of their faithful friend which is why they make such great gifts.

Border Collie Kingsleigh

black and white dog against a green background



apricot coloured cockapoo dog with blue grey background

Cockapoo Dogs have to be one of the cutest looking breeds of dogs, and they are so full of energy. They make great subjects to paint although can take longer than other breeds because of all the curls!


brown curly hair dog painting

This is the lovely Sprocket who I was able to meet and take some photographs for the reference image.

Buddy and Tess

painting of a spaniel and black labrador dogs


black curly dog cockapoo against blue grey background

This handsome chap’s name is Chester, and doesn’t he look just like he needs a cuddle with that endearing expression!


pastel pet portrait painting of a sprocker dog brown and white with soft background

Oscar is a Sprocker! A cross between a Springer and Cocker Spaniel.

Australian Shepherd Dog

sheep dog against a black background pet portrait painting

This is Dingo! Of course as his breed is Australian. Dingo is a young Australian Shepherd Dog and has already won his Show Classes. He will be competing at Crufts.


pale coloured retriever profile painting

This is the lovely Bentley looking very proud! Bentley seems to be quite a popular name for a dog.


Dog artist covering Exeter, Barnstaple, Bideford

Thug! What an apt name for a Terrier!

Beautiful Peggy Bassett Hound
Jake – Border Collie painted in the winter snow