German Shepherd Dog Paintings

While I was looking through my folders of portrait paintings I didn’t realise how many commissions I have had of German Shepherd Dog Paintings. So I have made a selection of a few more recent ones.

German Shepherd Dogs truly are a great breed, and make great subjects for pastel paintings. With their thick dense fur and facial expressions. Although they are rather large! Pastels as a medium are great for creating texture to pet portraits. I think you will need a decent size house to live with a German Shepherd and plenty of energy for the walks.


german shepherd dog looking happy

Meet smiling Zak, he looks so happy and must have been enjoying a lovely day out when this photograph was taken. Choosing the right image when commissioning me for a painting makes such a difference to the outcome.


Bear is a young German Shepherd Dog and lives with a cat and they get along famously. What a great name for a big furry friend!


pastel painting of a german shepherd dog with ambient background
“Jenny” German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dog Paintings

german shepherd dog with tongue out

This gorgeous chap lives near Exeter and I was able to deliver his painting in person.