Framed Pet Portraits

I can offer an expert bespoke framing service, and can advise on mouldings which will best suit your pet portrait. A choice of mouldings are available from my supplier or from frames I have in stock. Framing is to your personal preference although I will just give you some options which will compliment. 

Aesthetically Appealing

Framing can affect the painting (or drawing) as a whole, allowing the viewer to see the whole picture rather than certain parts; making the artwork more powerful.

Spacers are inserted into the frame rebate giving distance between painting and glass for a traditional look. I prefer not to mount paintings because often tiny flecks of pastel dust will make marks.  Even when they are spaced off the painting.  If you prefer having a mount we will need to discuss this at the outset as it will make an impact to the overall frame size. 

Framing is included in your quote and this will ensure it’s safety. Although for very large paintings this is not possible.  So in this instance your painting will be shipped safely between two pieces of plywood. 

Framing Service

Pastel paintings are framed under glass to keep the delicate pastel safe. There are some alternative choices of glass and I will explain this below:


  • 2mm Float Glass comes as standard with framing.  This offer 70% UV light protection.  However, has a high reflection in certain light.

Professional grade pastels have very high lightfast pigments

Lightfastness pigments is a property of a colourant such as dye or pigment that describes how resistant to fading it is when exposed to light. 



  • Tru Vue Ultra Vue or Art Glass is my preferred glass.  It is engineered with a thin optical coating over a water white glass. It has a nearly invisible finishing that ….
  • Virtually eliminates reflection.
  • Provides the highest level of brightness and contrast allowing you to see all the details missing from ordinary glass.
  • Delivers true colour rendition, true hues and intensity.

Museum Grade Glass

The ultimate glass is what is know as museum grade glass. It is very expensive as it has optimum protection. Museum grade glass offers water white viewing with 99% UV protection.  2.5mm thickness glass with an added layer of UV protection.  

For priceless pieces of art or irreplaceable momentos this is definitely the glass of choice. Professional framers are now beginning to offer different options of glass.

Should you want a different type of glass instead of the normal float glass, please let me know in advance.  As this will need to be ordered specially along with a price to be added to your quote.

Choosing the right and glass for your painting