French Bulldog Pet Painting

Custom Pet Portraits

Mr Victor a regal looking french bulldog pet painting. He is a French Bulldog with a great personality and bundles of energy.  Mr V’s painting is a large size of  24″ x 20″ and the client had it mounted and framed by a professional framer local to them.  This painting was too large for me to frame and post safely so I was sent between two pieces of plywood. 

Animal Paintings

The largest size that I can safely frame and post would be around an aperture size of 20″ x 16″ but this will depend on the frame width size.  Some frames are chunky and heavy so too bulky to package and post. The largest Pastelmat size is 100cm x 70cm.

Before I went ahead with this commission, I had lots of discussion with the client and explained what I needed as a reference. Especially with larger sized paintings the quality of the image needs to be very good. In the original photo image Mr Victor was sat on a bench in his garden.