Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some questions before commissioning a Pet Portrait, which hopefully you will find the answers here in the drop down FAQs list. Please let me know if I can help you further.

The process is very simple from your first enquiry through to you receiving your Pet Portrait all ready to hang. The tricky part is having the right photo for reference, but I am happy to help you achieve this. Photo reference is essentially the most important aspect and although can be time consuming, it really is worth the effort. If you live locally I can visit you in your garden/stable with your dog/horse or we can meet somewhere mutual.

I haven’t included cats purely because they have their own agenda, and in the past I have found it next to impossible. It is difficult anyway, but when a stranger is on the scene, they are a lot more nervous and tend to run away!

Why are pastels called paintings?

Why Pastels are called paintings is because they are works where the entire surface area is covered in pastel. Pastels have an exquisite blendability and combined with their luscious texture, the finished artwork can emanate the same depth as oil/acrylic paintings.

Although some pastels do come in the form of a pencil they are not classed as a drawing. As usually works are created with a combination of soft cubes and sticks. The soft cubes can be applied with various tools or shapers similar to applying paints with tools.

How long does a pastel painting last?

You may wonder how long does a Pastel Painting last and it’s longevity. As I use only best best graded pastels of pure pigments they will last forever.

Pastels have extreme longevity when created on conservation card or paper and are expertly framed. There are pastel paintings in the national galleries that were created in the sixteenth century! Their colours are as bright and vivid as the day they were painted.

My pet has passed can I still commission a painting?

Pets break our hearts when the time has come for them to go to the other side, and a painting is a great way to immortalise their memory. All too often we discover sifting through the many photographs there are very few suitable as a reference image. Photographs capture that moment in time, it maybe a funny shot which makes you remember the day and activity. However, this is not always suitable to capture as a portrait painting. Sometimes images are too small and do not show enough detail or are not as sharp as they could be. I endeavour to be able to provide a good likeness to your pet, so I will need to see photographs to ensure this can be achieved.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

I will require a deposit from £100 to secure your booking. This can be made either through online transfer, Paypal or you can post a cheque.

Securing your booking will allow you to receive your commission for a specific date. This maybe for a birthday or a special occasion. Lead times can vary especially during busy times such as Christmas.

Deposits are non-refundable as this allocation has been booked specifically for you.

Do you work from photographs?

Yes I work from your favourite photograph and can provide a mock up to give you an indication of how your painting will look. Photographs are usually emailed I just ask that they are sent in the original format.

I can offer a short photography shoot if you live locally, or I am always here to help guide you through taking photos of your pet.

What are pastels?

Often people ask what are pastels and to answer this question Pastel is a pure pigment, the same pigment that is used in oil paints. It comes in a powder form which is bound together into any shape. Pastel is the most permanent medium which is highly lightfast meaning it is resistant to fading. The colours are just as vibrant as oil paint but differs in that it has no sheen.

How long is your waiting list?

The busiest time of year is the festive season, so it is best not to leave it too late to secure a booking. As timescales varies greatly I would recommend contacting me with your timescale and I hope to accommodate you. Sometimes it is possible to book a commission with short notice, so please get in touch. Alternatively Gift Vouchers are a convenient Gift which the recipient can then liaise with me regarding photographs.

How long does a painting take?

Small-medium size paintings take approximately 1-2 weeks, it really depends on the complexity and size of the painting. I work part time hours as a Pet Portrait Artist and like to give myself plenty of time with each commission. Therefore on occasions I have built up some extra time for those last minute bookings!

How it works

If you would like to read more about the process, please visit my page where you will find some more information.

As time goes on I will add to the FAQs list .

Pastel painting of a black labrador dog