Hand Drawn Pet Artist

All of my pet paintings are hand drawn and as an artist I like to portray a true lifelike representation of your pet. Adding layers to a painting whilst shaping and moulding the features will give it a realistic look.

Taco featured here is a Labrador and Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross breed.  His feet fur are orange and he has quite short stocky legs.  Whereas is face is more labrador and he has a lovely kind look in his eyes.

Black and white dogs can be more challenging to paint than dogs with warmer orange tones.  Although taking a photograph in natural light is crucial in capturing all the colour tones. Especially for black or white or both coloured dogs.

As you can see in Taco’s painting in reality there is not very much black.  Lots of blue, purple and red/brown hues. This really gives depth and definition.  Photographs that are taken indoors don’t have as much contrast.

I like to paint my backgrounds in a ambient style so as to incorporate the shades of colour from the animal’s coat.  This can also be achieved when giving a sky and field muted background.  Art is a lot to do with being able to see colour and also using some imagination to add or enhance colours.