Horse Portraits

Horse Paintings in Pastel

Horses with their power and grace make great horse portraits, and there are some very famous artists who have painted horses.

One that comes to my mind is by Susan Crawford “we three Kings” a portrait of Arkle, Red Rum and Desert Orchid. Susan has also painted horses for the Royal Family.

I find horse portraits take longer to capture than a dog or cat. Probably because of the bone structure and angular face! I would recommend a minimum aperture size of 12″ x 16″ ensuring a full effect is achieved.

Taking a photo of your horse for a painting can be quite challenging, and it is all about achieving the right angle. Please get in touch and I am happy to help and guide you in any way.

Studio Horse Painting

rich chestnut brown horse looking back

This painting is based on a beautiful photograph taken by a very talented photographer David Sinclair. The website is worth a visit, Shoots Horses, although not literally! Lots of action photography.

Capo a beautiful rich chestnut

chestnut coloured horse with bridle against a tree background

Capo is a beautiful chestnut captured in a lovely golden light against a blurred background. The photo reference for Capo was absolutely perfect with just a slight inward head turn. Horse photography is very difficult as you want to b able to capture them looking alert and to their best advantage.

Rociero a striking grey stallion

grey horse against a black background

Rociero’s reference image was taken buy a professional photographer. Commissioned as a special birthday surprise.

Leah and Bliss

painting of two horses one grey and one chestnut

When we lived in the Wiltshire area I met up with Leah and Bliss’s owner in their field to take reference images. It took a while to get them in this pose.

Palomino “Sunny”

palomino horse against a scenic background pastel painting

I really enjoyed painting Sunny in his field with a few adaptations. His stance just reminds me of a classic portrait painting of a horse.

Dunn Pony – Jazz

dun coloured pony painted in soft pastels

The photo reference was an image from a horse competition event. Jazz holding his head so proudly. The dun colour is a tan to red coat with dark points.