Custom Dog Portraits from your photo

How it works…..

After I receive your initial enquiry I will ask for a good quality photograph that is in the original format and pixel size. Camera photographs are best, however, many phone cameras like the iphone will take good quality images.  Often they are automatically resized when sending, but are still stored in full resolution.  Although one image will be used as the main reference, other photos are always helpful to get a fuller picture into your pet’s personality.

If you live not too far away I am happy to make a visit and take the necessary photos for reference, which is great as I get to meet the subject of the painting and have a better idea of their personality.

When a photo has been chosen, I will, if necessary, provide you with a mock up.  The mock up will be just a guideline as to how the painting will look. At the mock up stage I will replace any busy background with tonal shades, and if there are separate photos, I can put these together.  Once the mock has been agreed, I will ask for a  deposit to secure your booking.

When your booking date is near I will contact you to let you know I am about to start, and during the painting process I will keep you updated on progress.

I do like to frame the paintings myself to ensure the safety of the painting.  Pastels are extremely delicate and can smudge easily with just the lightest of touches.  Framing will be to a professional standard.

Once your painting is fully framed and ready to be posted I will ask for the remaining balance.  

Paintings are shipped via courier and will be padded securely and safely in a box.