Custom Pet Portraits from your photo

How it works

Searching for a Pet Artist can be a bit of a task as there are so many to choose from.  Every Animal Artist has their own style and it is your own personal preference. I like to paint in a more traditional style enabling me to capture their unique character and personality. 


Having received your initial enquiry I will ask for good quality photographs in the original format and pixel size. Camera photographs are best although many smartphone cameras will take good quality images. For help getting the best possible photo please visit the Photography Tips page.

Photos are often automatically resized when they are attached to an email.  However the original will be stored in full resolution.  Although one image will be used as the main reference seeing more photographs helps me visualise your pet’s personality.

I can offer a free photography session should you live locally

When a photo has been chosen, I will, if necessary, provide you with a mock up. The mock up will be a guideline as to how the painting will look with a background colour or muted scenery.  During the mock up stage I will replace any busy obstacles with tonal shades, and if there are separate photos for double paintings I can put these together. Once you are happy I will ask for a deposit with the balance due on completion. Ideally I would like the deposit to be made through Bank transfer. 


Framing is included in your quote and I do hold some frames in stock. When a painting is finished I can place a frame on top to give you a good idea of how it will look.  Framing is a very important aspect to finishing off the overall appearance. So choosing the right frame will enhance your pet portrait perfectly. 

If  you have something specific in mind I can source online.  However not all frames are suitable due to the rebate size.

When your booking date is near I will contact you and let you know when I am about to start.  During the painting process I will keep you updated on progress.  It will all be very exciting!

Once your painting is fully framed and ready to be posted I will ask for the remaining balance.  


Pet Portraits are delivered via courier and will be padded securely and safely in a box. Parcels will be trackable. Post and packaging costs are included in your quote so there are no extra charges to be added. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

You will then own a unique timeless piece of hand drawn artwork to be cherished for a lifetime.