Photo to Painting

Kipper a Beagle and Border Terrier Mix

Example of the outcome from your photo reference into a Pastel Painting

Kipper’s reference image was not a very big at just 600 pixels and at this size the picture distorts the closer in you get. However as the clarity luckily I could work with the image at this size.

The wicker chair is distracting and is too close in colour to Kipper’s fur colour. So removing it makes such a difference and I can show you in a mock up beforehand. Having a tonal background allows the subject to stand out more. Sometimes collars are better being removed if they are a bit worn, or not particularly pretty. Kipper is wearing a lovely bright collar which looks good.


Not long after this photo was taken Jake had a lump removed from his eye as you can see. Of course this needed to be excluded and also the client requested the highlights and grey around his muzzle be toned down. Therefore the overall effect from photo to painting hopefully making him look slightly younger! Can you see a puppy in the background? This is Jake’s new companion let’s hope he teaches him well!

The tonal blue background looks good with the blues and purples showing through his coat. Much better I think than the green of the grass.

Improving imperfections from photo to painting

I am always happy to look at a selection of photos so together we can choose the right image for reference. Mock ups can be done so you can visually get a clearer idea of how the painting will look.

Rufus the Border Terrier from photo to painting

Rufus’s photograph is backlit, which means the light source is coming from behind therefore washing out some of his colouring. Additional photographs can help with referencing to the coat colours.