Photography Tips

Quick Guide to capturing a perfect photo

A couple of photography tips to make this job a little bit easier!

  • Try and distract your dog with a treat, an idea would be to have someone behind the camera at the same level. Try not to hold the treat up high as your pet will be looking up.
  • Natural light is always the best source to light your subject. A cloudy day but bright so not heavy clouds, as this will create a pleasant glow.
  • Crouch down to your dog’s eye level, I suggest for small breeds to sit them on a patio table or chair. This maybe will only work for the better behaved dogs!

Choosing the perfect reference image

Artists can use our expertise to manipulate a subject, however it is difficult to change certain features and maintaining it looking right. Extra images are great for referencing coat colours, and eye detail and can prove very helpful. However, it is just not feasible to change features as then changes the whole appearance. A black labrador may to a non dog owner look the same as the next black labrador, but of course they are not the same!

dog sitting next to a camera

Photography as a hobby

We are not all photographers and I don’t expect miracles, but it really is worth the effort. Many Smartphones have very good camera capabilities, just so long as you pay attention to the light and keeping eye level.

You never know you may find it something you enjoy and would like to take it up as a hobby! I hope you find these photography tips helpful.