Labrador Portrait

My latest Labrador Portrait  Bella who is 10 years old.  Her owners wanted a larger size of  14″ x 18″ aperture painting of Bella. Capturing her whilst she is still a very happy healthy dog.  A timeless piece of art from a Professional Dog Artist and something they can cherish their whole life time. 

After sending the initial photos I asked Bella’s owners if they could take some more. The reason being the photos were taken inside. If there is not enough light the photo can lose detail and colour.  Outside in natural light all the colours in the fur will show and the eye colour will be true. 

Luckily my clients had a bright conservatory therefore not having to rely on weather conditions.  A bright day with no direct sunlight is perfect for a portrait photo.  Although I think Bella was enjoying herself very much with all the treats she was getting! 

If you are interested in finding out how it works please follow the link.