Local Dog Artist


Pet Artist Locally

If you are looking for a local dog artist, or pet artist, finding one locally has many benefits.  I can offer a free one hour photo-shoot.  This can either be here in Littleham or at your home.  Dogs can be brought here and sometimes a neutral environment works well.  Not just a local dog artist, so if you have a cat I am happy to visit when it is convenient for you and when your cat is home!  If you would like you horse photographed as a reference image, then I can meet you at their field/stable. 

The weather is a very important factor when taking photographs.  Obviously if it is raining or too windy it is not possible.  Bright sunshine can also cause a lot of problems.  Harsh midday sun often causes too much contrast and shadow.  The effect is then having too much dark and light areas making the features more severe. 

Therefore a bright overcast day is perfect to capture your pet at their best.  This light is great for capturing the natural colours in their coats and eyes. 

Painting Mocks

After I have taken a selection of photos I can upload them to my computer whilst you are here.  Or I can email any suitable images for you to make a choice.  

Neutral background colours are best if  you wish your pet to stand out.  I can offer 3 mock-ups in photoshop with different neutral background colours so we can see what looks best. 

This is all included in the price quoted.