Pet Artist Locally

Finding a pet artist locally has many advantages.  The main one being meeting your dogs.  Kye and Rosie live in Holsworthy which is not too far from Littleham.  Their mum having recently retired was gifted a voucher from her work colleagues.  What a great gift.

Pet Artist near Holsworthy

Having a list to choose from of different pet artists my client wanted a realistic portrayal.  Having found me on her doorstep was a great bonus.  We arranged a meeting here where I met her two gorgeous dogs Kye and Rosie.  Not only could I show my client some paintings for real, we also had the opportunity to go through frame sizes.

I keep a selection of frames here in the studio, some of which are one offs I accumulate from visits to galleries.  These frames I purchase at a fraction of the usual price.  This way I can offer an all inclusive service with premium quality frames.  All of which are solid wood from the premier framing moulding companies such as Larson Juhl.

Dog Artist North Devon

I ended up taking two separate photos of Kye and Rosie, as it was quite difficult!  Kye is a big dog of mixed breeds.  Both are rescue dogs.  Rosie being a lurcher type is a soft and very gentle dog.  Kye was a bit more boisterous with a very deep bark, but very friendly and so handsome.

My client chose a gorgeous leather effect frame and with the dark green background the painting was set off beautifully.