These are just a few

Client Reviews

“Hi Helen, we had the grand unveiling this evening. Wow, it is incredible. We all agreed that you have captured the very essence of Bella (she even took a sniff herself). We love everything about your work, but this is beyond what we were expecting. Thank you so much, you have an amazing talent.

To say we are happy is an enormous understatement.  Thank you”

“Pleased is no way to describe my feelings, I can only say you have produced a picture for me of my girl that I will treasure until my dying day”.

“The portrait of Bella has just been delivered and it is fantastic! You are incredibly talented.  We are so pleased with it, and the professionalism of your service throughout.  I really have no hesitation in recommending you to others”.

“Gave my portrait of Chloe to my mum over the weekend, they absolutely love it, and keep saying how they can’t believe it’s so like her. Thanks so much, you have been a pleasure to deal with and couldn’t be more thrilled with the portrait.  Thanks too for your constant updates, I will be sure to get in touch again and will recommend you to my friends”.

“The dogs are so realistic, I am over the moon” .

“The photo does it no justice it is outstanding, and nearly brought me to tears” .

“The portrait has arrived and is more beautiful than the photo you sent, if that’s possible”.

“We are so happy with the  portrait of Ben, very emotional due to the short timescales since he was put to sleep, and very teary due to the accuracy of the portrait, we could see Ben looking back at us. Again, thank you so much for turning it round so quickly for me. The  portrait of Ben is amazing”.

“Hello Helen I just opened my package with this picture in it of my girls Margo and Emm.. the above picture does not do it justice. It is gorgeous and you have captured my girls personalities in that art work. You have such a talent dear is beautiful!!!! I now have to find a picture of my Yorkie Rosie that I want you to do as well. It arrived today, very good timing, no damage, thank you again, I can’t wait to have it framed and displayed at my grooming shop”.

I love how you got his quirky eyebrow, I didn’t even realise his colour did that until now! Just comparing with my profile picture and yep, perfecto”.

Helen this is another masterpiece. I think dare I say – it’s the best dog I’ve ever seen, so much expression on his face, you seem to have captured his soul in his eyes (I don’t even know the dog). I am very jealous of not only the owner of this beautiful dog but also of this beautiful picture they are going to have. Brilliant”.

Helen, love how you got that lovely wet nose and eyes so full of expression”.

Quote from a fan

“Helen! Your talent is ENORMOUS, and I am always stunned by the realism and life that there is in your work! Years ago I had portraits done of the two old Labradors that I had….and whilst they were well done, they were flat and rather lifeless….and they were, well, Labradors…..that certain ‘look’ that made them unique and recognisable as MINE just wasn’t there. They were somewhat ‘generic’. Every time I look at your work, they are just SO recognisable….their characters and personalities and individuality just leaps off the page….and any of the animals that you have done that I know I would recognise INSTANTLY. Not many people have that gift. I VERY much enjoy looking at your work, and watching it progress and ‘come to life”.