Pet Portraits UK

Pet Portraits in the UK, not only do I get commissions of dogs, horses and cat, but yes here is a parrot and his name is Cookoo.

The reference photo was taken of Cookoo sitting on the window ledge.  His owner was calling him to go back into his cage, but, no, Cookoo was having none of it!  You can read by the side-way glance was he was thinking.  It was a real pleasure to paint with the beautiful bright purples and blues.  Primarily painting dogs you don’t see many breeds in this particular colour!

A pet portrait can be any pet, including those of the reptile variety.  However, please get in touch for a quote if you live in the UK as tricky detailed scales may take a while longer to perfect.

I am currently taking on commissioned pet portraits in the UK only, however this may change later in the year.

If you are interesting in keeping a parrot as a pet you may find this link useful. I think they can be very demanding and vocal of course.  I remember my aunt having one when I was little and his name was Elvis.  If was allowed to fly freely around the room, I do remember being a little bit scared of him.