Copper is a Beagle dog and is looking very handsome in his Pet Portrait.  One lucky husband had a great Christmas surprise when he opened his gift.  A family pet portrait is the perfect present for anyone.  

“It’s so like him and yes he is adorable, but very cheeky too! Helen, my husband was over the moon with his Christmas present, thank you once again from Coppers mum and of course Copper himself “.

“Hi Helen, i’m the husband.  Thank you so much capturing the likeness of my boy” copper” 
It’s one of the best Christmas presents I’ve ever had.”

The Beagle is a small hound dog which has similarities to the much larger Foxhound dog.  They are curious and sweet and are great with children making them good family pets. 

Copper was difficult to photograph for his owner being extremely inquisitive and therefore always moving.  Hound dogs are curious, friendly and need lots of exercise. 

If you have a Beagle dog and are interested in a pet portrait please get in touch.