I can’t think of a more apt name for this apricot coloured cockapoo painting.  Teddy lives with his companion Barney and both are such friendly bubbly dogs.   Teddy is quite attention seeking and is often louder and more energetic than Barney.  A cockapoo dog painting can be a bit more challenging than some shorter haired breeds.  This of course is due to all those swirls and curls!

When I first visited Teddy and Barney in their garden Teddy was so excited.  He kept sitting on my feet and was leaning into me for more cuddles!  Teddy is a rescue dog and was quite a challenge when he first arrived home.  He has now settled down and is a loving life with his buddy Barney.

The apricot coloured comes in dark and light tones.  There is also a red coloured cockapoo which is much darker and deeper than the apricot which is more pastel.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss options for a painting of your cockapoo.