Having a painting of your beloved pet is much more special than a photograph. Having a passion for dogs and animals a lot of thought and attention goes into my pastel paintings. Dogs are dear to our hearts and I realise what a special bond they have with their owners. You can see the love in this cocker spaniel dog’s eyes. 

My portraits are not limited to a timescale as I will give them as much attention as I think necessary. Not only do I want you to be extremely happy but I also want to feel I have captured your dog’s personality.

Cocker Spaniel Pastel Painting

You can choose any colour for the background of your painting.  In this painting the orange and yellows pick out Paige’s eye colour perfectly.

Paige’s cocker spaniel pastel painting is to an aperture size of 12″ x 16″ which is perfect for this breed of dog.  I can advise which aperture will work best depending on the breed and size. 

The frame for this painting was a fantastic rich brown which had a leather effect with an inner distressed gold lip.

Please get in touch if you wish to discuss your requirements for an original one off custom pet portrait.