Mr Victor

You can read more about this frenchie pet portrait on my dog blog.

The Pastelmat mounted board is a fantastic surface for larger size paintings.  As it is adhered to an acid free mount board it becomes rigid so is not easily bendable and much easier for framing too!

Pastelmat comes in a variety of colours and it does make a difference when applying colour.  Cooler shades will tone down warm pastel colours and likewise warmer shades will brighten pastel colours.  Although it does not make a huge difference to the finished piece, it can make an Artist’s life a bit easier.

“So exciting to say it’s arrived! We had just got off a very long flight so I didn’t film my husbands reaction as we were both so tired and I forgot but he was grinning from ear to ear. He loves the work, as do I! It’s even more beautiful in real life”.