Grey Horse Pastel Painting Misty capturing those beautiful eyes.

Misty was rescued from some unpleasant people who had starved her, she found a loving home whom her new owners nursed her through two broken teeth and near starvation.
Unbeknown to her new owners when Misty arrived she was pregnant! Later giving birth without any problems to a healthy foal. 
Misty sadly suffered many health problems probably due to how poorly she was kept. Her new owner said she had this unique gift that when she looked at her, it was such a soft but intense stare that if felt like she was looking deep into her soul and could read how she was feeling.
In such a short space of time they achieved so much together, culminating to qualifying for the Sunshine Tour Championships at Hickstead in September, where we came 3rd in our class of 30. A lot of tears were shed that day, but all were tears of happiness.
Rest in Peace Misty.