Mowgli was gifted as a very special surprise in his loving memory.  The client searched for a horse portrait artist and came up with this wonderful idea. 

The recipient of the portrait works in the Royal Horse Artillery British Army and Mowgil was a retired ex King’s Troop Horse. Sadly he passed away due to old age. 

These horses are trained for the role of Royal Parade to celebrate The Queen’s Birthday, Weddings and Births. 

An excerpt from this website.

“Although today’s mounted troops ride in armoured vehicles rather than on horseback. Animals continue to play a special role in the British armed forces. From the state ceremonial duties carried out by the horses of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment in Knightsbridge, to the role working dogs carry out within counter insurgency and explosive ordnance missions.  The UK’s military animals are highly trained, hard-working and extremely well cared for by their handlers”.

Horses make fantastic subjects to paint so please get in touch if you would like a commission.