Ellie specially trained Hearing Dog

Ellie a specially trained yellow labrador hearing dog. 

You can see from this painting what a wonderful companion dog Ellie is. I wanted to keep the background of this painting subtle to match her gentle nature. I aim to capture your dog’s individuality and here in Ellie’s painting you can see how intently she is looking.  

This painting portrays the deep connection between a dog and it’s owner.

This painting is to an aperture size of 14″ x 18″ and framed with a complimentary frame moulding. Choosing the right frame for your painting is important. Ellie’s painting has been framed in a natural wired waxed wood moulding which blended all the colours well.

If you would like to find out more about the process of commissioning a pet portrait you can read how it works and I would love to hear from you.