Chocolate Labrador Charlie

Enjoying a walk along Westward Ho! Beach, Charlie was 10 years old when this reference photo was taken in 2016 he is now 12, and although is looking older he is still full if mischief.  Labrador Charlie loves to lick!  It can become a little bit annoying having Charlie slobber on your jeans.  It is something he has done from a very early age.  For some reason it seems to be quite common in the Chocolate Labrador breed.  As another friend of mine, her dog Rolo also likes to lick! Charlie’s labrador painting aperture is to a size of 12″ x 16″ which is a good medium size for a larger dog.

Labrador Painting

There were some lovely photos of him on the beach which were taken a couple of years ago as sadly he has aged a lot in that time.  He is still as handsome as ever though! I always encourage people to take photos of their dogs, as it is quite surprising how many good ones we take.  When it comes to commissioning a painting, the photo reference makes such a different to the outcome.

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