Customised Dog Paintings

Pet portraits from your favourite photos keeping your pet’s memory alive.  His name is Thug and I wonder if he lives up to his name!  His best friend another terrier is called Welly.  I love hearing about all the dogs I get to paint and what their names are.  Thug and Welly I thought were really amusing names and can you imagine calling him back when he’s off running.  I bet his owner gets some amusing looks when she does.

“I approached Helen via her Facebook page after looking at her work . What a superb professional service from the start till the arrival of the parcel. She took time to question what I wanted , kept sending examples of photos / background etc till we were happy and then Oh the anticipation and excitement waiting for the portraits which can only be described as stupendous. Reduced us to tears. The dogs will be with us forever now in the cherished portraits. They are both old boys now but Helen’s paintings have ensured their immortality .”