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Border Terrier Archie

Live locally and looking for a professional dog artist in Devon?  Archie came to visit here for his photo shoot and he was absolutely adorable.  We had to make sure Binny was not at home, because she would have been so jealous, and naughty!

Professional Dog Artist Devon

Archie lives locally and his family wanted it as a surprise for his mum for her birthday.  He sat and posed and was no trouble at all.  I took a variety of images, and highlighted the ones which I thought were more suited to a painting.  The background was pretty much left as it was in the photo, I just made it more muted.

For photo sessions, a bright overcast day is absolutely perfect.  If the sun is out it causing bleaching to the colours and creates harsh shadows.  As the winter months approach and due to working commitments, this may need to be achieved at a weekend.  I will take a variety of images and upload them when I get home.  There is no charge if you live close.  However, a small charge will apply if I need to travel more than 3 miles.

Please get in touch via the Contact Form, and I will reply from my email address.