pet-portrait-artist Spaniel

Sprocker Pet Portrait

This is my first pet portrait painting of a Sprocker which is not considered a cross breed as both parents are spaniels. Parents being a Cocker Spaniel and a Springer Spaniel.

Oscar is a new family member addition and companion to Copper the Beagle.

I was asked to paint Oscar for a very special birthday surprise. We went through a few reference photos before finding the perfect pose. Spaniels are a lively breed anyway and when you combine this with being a puppy, it is double trouble!  So I recommended Oscar be sat on an outside patio table.  Outside is best for natural light when taking photographs of animals. Sitting on the table Oscar was at the correct height and more easily manageable to be kept still.

‘Thank you Helen for yet another fantastic portrait of our beautiful dogs.  Kindest regards’.