Ollie’s Memory Lives on

Ollie the Terrier Dog is sadly no longer with his but his Pastel Artwork will immortalise his memory.  Ollie and Jake were two brothers who lived together, I also painted Jake’s portrait. 

Terrier Dog Pastel Artwork

Both Jake and Ollie are framed in a wide rustic driftwood moulding, and look great hung close together. I was also commissioned to paint the client’s tuxedo cat and he too has a matching frame.  Sometimes paintings look better to as separate portraits than have two together.  I like my portraits to look natural and realistic.  Therefore because of different lighting, or just the angle and composition is impossible to arrange together.

Framing can really enhance a painting and I can offer a variety of choices that will look just right. Some frames bespoke frames I keep in stock and many of these are at the fraction of the cost it would be if you were to go to a framer.

“I love all three of my beautiful paintings done by you.  Both my dogs memory will live on in their portraits”.