Dog Pet Portraits

Paintings from Photos

Welcome to my Portfolio of dog pet portraits of various breeds.  Most of which are commissioned from dog owners using their own photographs as reference. Don’t forget to check out my other portfolio pages of specific dog breeds. Some breeds are more popular as dog pet portraits than others, so I have made separate galleries for them. 

Dog Pet Portraits by UK Artist


Many hours of work and love go into Capturing your dog’s  individual character and personality.  This may be from the way they hold their head and ears or the expression through their eyes. My focus is to capture this in the portrait of your dog. I am able to change backgrounds, remove collars or even add something special to a painting. Perhaps your dog has a favourite toy or name tag. You can even choose to have your dog painting in a more contemporary pose like the terrier dog.

In this portfolio you will see various breeds of dogs. I try and vary the breeds as much as possible as I do think it is nice to see a painting of your own dog breed.  This then will give you a better idea of the painting style and hopefully easier to make your choice between artists. 

Please get in touch via the Contact Form, my usual lead time is 3 months although this can vary.

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