In this spaniel dog paintings portfolio you will see my latest commissioned artwork of various spaniel dogs.  Portraits are hand drawn and painted using the finest quality pastel pencils and sticks.  

Spaniel Dog Paintings

Next to the Labradors, Spaniels are the second most popular breed I have been asked to paint.  Using your favourite photograph as reference I am able to capture the spirit of your dog, and have excellent feedback from all of my clients.

Spaniels are very lively and playful and the character is captured in the portraits I offer. Over the years and have painted quite a few and have selected my favourites to showcase in this Gallery. 


Unison being one of the top Brands of pastel I use which are made in the UK and come in over 300 shades of colour. Unison pastels are easy to use for large areas, so are great for tonal shaded backgrounds. 

All Spaniel Dogs