Pet Artist Locally

Pet Artist near Holsworthy If you find me a pet artist locally a great advantage is I can take reference photos! Kye and Rosie live in Holsworthy which is not too far from Littleham.  Their mum having recently retired was gifted a voucher from her work colleagues.  What a great gift. My client wanted a… Continue reading Pet Artist Locally

Local Dog Artist

Pet Artist Locally If you are looking for a local dog artist, or pet artist, finding one locally has many benefits.  I can offer a free one hour photo-shoot.  This can either be here in Littleham or at your home.  You can visit our garden with your dog and sometimes a neutral environment works well! … Continue reading Local Dog Artist

Retriever Painting

You can see the devotion in this retriever painting through his expression, which is portrayed expertly in this painting. A fine art pet portrait from a Pet Portrait Artist near to you. Labrador Retriever Pastel Portraits This painting was referenced for a local Art Exhibition for our local surrounding area. The golden oranges and reds really stand… Continue reading Retriever Painting