Labrador Paintings

Nothing phases a Labrador!

In my experience Labradors seem so laid back and I think these Labrador Paintings express how relaxed they are. A couple of my friends own Labrador dogs and they all tolerate our bossy terrier really well. There might be an occasion where she will go too far, but then, she needs to be put in her place!

I have selected some of the best paintings I have done of Labradors, hopefully that is. Just lately I am having a lot of black labrador commissions.

Fox Red Labrador


fox red coloured labrador pet portrait painting

The Fox Red colour is so rich with lots of orange and red tones. Although there doesn’t seem to be so many Labradors of this colour maybe they are a harder colour to breed.

Chocolate Labrador


brown dog on a sunny beach background

This is one of my favourite paintings of a Chocolate Labrador. Photographed on the beach in a lovely soft bright light which bounces off her coat, portraying lovely rich tones.

Golden Retriever


golden retriever dog pet portrait

Although not strictly a Labrador Bentley is a beautiful Golden Retriever

Black Labrador


black dog looking to the left painting
Pip is a very shy black labrador

Wow – what can I say, stunning! Those eyes – that’s Pip. We are thrilled“.

You can read more about Pip in my Dog blog.

Sabre Black Labrador

black dog lying down

Sabre’s portrait was painted in 2018 and was one of my friend’s dog, who is sadly no longer with us, but his memory lives on. Sabre was a gentle Labrador and is greatly missed.

Double Labrador Pet Portrait

two yellow labradors against a dark background
Mother and daughter yellow Labradors Maple and Amber

These two yellow labradors were photographed as two separate images and I mocked together. The photos were taken on the same day which is great as the lighting matched. Amber the younger dog on the right was easy to photograph, but he mother not so easy! The older they are the more wise they become to the camera!

Jake Black Labrador

pastel painting of a realistic looking black dog by Pet Portrait Artist

“Just to let you know my partner was absolutely overwhelmed with Jake’s portrait,  he totally loves it ! He had tears running down his face, he was so emotional when he opened it and is delighted we will always have Jake’s kind eyes watching over us, even when he is no longer with us. What talent to be able to capture that! 
I can’t thank you enough for making his special birthday so unforgettable! 
Thanks again

Charlie Chocolate

brown dog pastel labrador paintings

Slobby chops Charlie’s paintings was created in 2018 after taking some lovely photos of him at our local beach Westward Ho! The only name in the UK with an exclamation mark! Charlie likes to lick, lick and lick some more! We don’t mind though as he is adorable and reaching beyond a grand old age of 15.


black do looking up
Black Labrador Benson

Benson is very handsome, don’t you agree?

Golden Retriever

golden coloured dog green shade background