Labrador Paintings

Nothing bothers a Labrador!

Labradors are bred for their devotion and lifelong companionship. They are hard working and incredibly good natured. So it’s no wonder they are such a popular breed of dog.

Our border terrier can be fussy when in the company of other dogs, however she has no problem playing with labradors.

Here is a selection I have created of some of my favourite labrador paintings. I hope you enjoy looking through them especially if you own a labrador.

Yellow Labrador Hugo


soft pastel colour dog against a beige background

A beloved labrador whose painting I was commissioned as a wedding present. I can’t think of a more apt gift for Hugo’s owners.

Fox Red Labrador


fox red coloured labrador pet portrait painting

The fox red labradors coat is full of beautiful rich oranges and red tones. It’s not a colour I often see around, not like the more popular colours of black or chocolate.

Chocolate Labrador


brown dog on a sunny beach background

This is one of my favourite paintings. Amber a gorgeous chocolate labrador who is looking so happy and relaxed on the beach. It looks like she is waiting in anticipation to play.

Golden Retriever


golden retriever dog pet portrait

Golden Retrievers are similar to the Labrador Retriever with the main difference being a more narrow muzzle shape and a leaner jaw. I think these dogs look lovely especially when brushed.

Black Labrador


black dog looking to the left painting
Pip is a very shy black labrador

I met Pip for a photoshoot although it wasn’t too successful as she is a very shy dog. It was lovely to meet her owners and Pip and I was able to get to know more of her personality.

Wow – what can I say, stunning! Those eyes – that’s Pip. We are thrilled“.

You can read more about Pip in my Dog blog.

Sabre Black Labrador

black dog lying down

Sabre’s portrait was painted in 2018 however he very sadly passed away in 2020. Although he did reach a good old age of 12. This is a good age being the lifespan of a labrador is roughly between 10 and 12. Sabre didn’t live too far away so I could take photos of him.

Double Labrador Pet Portrait

two yellow labradors against a dark background
Mother and daughter yellow Labradors Maple and Amber

These two yellow labradors were photographed as separate images which I mocked up together. The photos were taken on the same day which is always better. This is so the light reflection matches.

Amber being the younger dog on the right posed easily for the camera, however her mother Maple was very difficult. It seems to me the older they are the wiser they become to the camera. Preferring to look away!

Jake Black Labrador

pastel painting of a realistic looking black dog by Pet Portrait Artist

Below is a lovely message I received after Jake’s painting was received.

“Just to let you know my partner was absolutely overwhelmed with Jake’s portrait, he totally loves it ! He had tears running down his face, he was so emotional when he opened it and is delighted we will always have Jake’s kind eyes watching over us, even when he is no longer with us. What talent to be able to capture that! 
I can’t thank you enough for making his special birthday so unforgettable! 
Thanks again

Charlie Chocolate

brown dog pastel labrador paintings

Slobby chops Charlie’s paintings was created in 2018 after taking some lovely photos of him at our local beach Westward Ho! The only name in the UK with an exclamation mark! Charlie likes to lick, lick and lick some more and you find yourself dodging his affections when visiting.

Sadly Charlie passed away not long before his 15 birthday which was very upsetting, however not many dogs go on to live for this many years. Especially the labradors which the average lifespan is a maximum of 12 years.

It was such a lovely day when I took these photos.


black do looking up
Black Labrador Benson

Benson is very handsome, don’t you agree? Benson lives with sabre and I took their photos at the same time.

Golden Retriever

golden coloured dog green shade background

This painting I created for our local art show held in the village hall where we live. The reference image is a stock photo and it just stood out for me. Just look at the loving kind expression and so much warmth portrayed through the eyes.

It feels like you want to reach out and hug him or her!