Terrier Dogs

A Selection of Terrier Dog Paintings

Border Terrier Rufus

portrait of a border terrier

Just look at that face! Rufus just have to be first in line in the Terrier Dog Paintings Gallery. What do you think he is trying to tell us with those eyes? The Border Terriers are great fun little dogs and are exceptionally good with children. Our border terrier Binny is 10 years old as of March 2021 and she still acts like a puppy. Although admittedly in the last year or so she has slowed down, and is not quite as energetic. During her first few years she was a nightmare for stealing socks! You would find them scattered or buried in the garden.

Lakeland Cross


wire haired dog in beige colours


Gallery Exhibition Painting

orange dog with black background up close

This is a painting I created for a local exhibition. As most of my work is from commission bookings I needed to paint some of my own work!

Jack Russell Terrier


white dog against a brown background and red collar

Mia’s painted was Gifted as a Voucher for a special birthday.


white dog sitting painting
Sadly Griff is no longer with us but his memorial painting is a loving reminder

Beagle and Border Cross


Although Kipper has some Beagle in his breeding, I am not too sure I can see much Beagle in him. What do you think? Painted to an aperture size of 12″ x 16″.

Black French Bulldog

colourful portrayal of a black french bulldog by UK Pet Artist