Pet Artist Exeter

Cocker Spaniel Pet Portrait

Cocker spaniels are one of the cutest dog breeds and are a delight to paint, with their soft curls and gentle eyes.  Click on the name to see Paige’s portrait in full.

The finest Pastel Paintings

Black dogs can be a challenge for an Artist, but if you have a good quality photo to work with it is possible to see the rich tones in the coat.  Having deep reds and blues as the under layer building up with greys and blacks will make the effect more vibrant.

Pastel Colours

Pastels, like oil paint are made up of pure pigments which are bound together.  I use the top brands of pastel which have fantastic lightfast qualities, as good, if not better, than oils.  These paintings will last a lifetime and more, if protected under glass.

Portraits from photos

I find that pastels lend themselves very well to animal paintings as you can achieve a soft depth which is so realistic you feel you could reach out and touch them.  As long as it is under glass you risk no chance of ruining your treasured piece of art. Portraits make a perfect gift for any occasion, birthdays, weddings or just a gift to yourself.

Palomino Horse Painting

Equine Artist

Horses are one of the most elegant animals and are great subjects to paint, I would say they are more difficult than dogs, cats probably being the less challenging of all.  Click name to see Sunny’s portrait in full size.

Palomino Horse Painting

It is not often I am commissioned a horse painting full bodied, and such lovely colours too.  Created in a traditional style, a classic piece of timeless art.  Sunny’s owner chose a mottled gold and black coloured wood frame which enhanced Sunny’s spots on his coat perfectly.  The aperture size of the painting 20″ x 16″ with a scooped 3″ frame moulding, the overall size was too big to be posted, so the client collected in person.

Grey Stallion Painting

Horse Portraits UK

This is Rociero click on his name to see the full sized image.  Luckily I had some amazing photos to choose from to use as reference for this painting.  The client had a professional photo shoot of her horse only the previous year.  If anything, there were too many to choose from.

Grey Stallion Painting

Having the black ground makes the greys and white colours stand out giving it great depth.  This painting was commissioned in an aperture size of 12″ x 16″ which is the perfect ratio for a horse head and shoulders portrait. A smaller size can sometimes be achievable, but it will depend on the photograph, but ideally 12″ x 16″ and above is better.