Cockapoo Dog Portrait


It is amazing how quickly a breed becomes popular, and it is not surprising a Cockapoo Dog Portrait is popular too.  They are one of the cutest dogs around.  With their curly locks and fun personalities they make great pets for families.  I have painted a few dogs of this breed in various colours. Although they do take a little longer to paint with all the curls.

Dog Artist

If anyone has already commissioned me with a painting of their dog, any breed, gifts are also available.  Gifts including cushions, table coasters, phone and ipad cases.  These are just a few, other gifts include mugs and fridge magnets.  All making fantastic gifts for the dog lover.  Just message me and I can arrange to upload your painting picture to a site where they can be purchased. 


Method of payment will be Paypal.  You can purchase any of the merchandise yourself on the site.  Just let me know and I can give you the direct link, once I have uploaded the images. Just to be aware I do not make or print any of this merchandise myself.  I particularly like the idea of table coasters and have purchased some of our Binny. 

Gifts with your Painting

I will have a couple of very cute cockapoo dog paintings to upload very soon.  They live locally near Instow in North Devon and we took photographs for reference. Although it did take two attempts!  As the black cockapoo was very difficult to capture.  So I borrowed my other half’s camera and used an external flash. The owners ended up with some lovely photographs to cherish of their cockapoos, as well as a two unique pet portraits. 

Contact me through the enquiry form, and I will reply with my email address as soon as possible.  I look forward to hearing from you!