Custom Pet Portraits

Labrador Painting

Part of a double Portrait of mother and daughter

Last week I made a plan to order some different brand of pastels for creating custom pet portraits.  My favourite brands include Schmincke and Unison for soft pastels.  Caran D’ache and Stabilo for the pastel pencil details.

Custom Pet Portraits

After a bit of research and reading some reviews I decide to buy a set of Mungyo Pastels.  Bearing in mind they do sell different types of Pastels for beginners.  I opted for their Handmade pastels which on first glass look exactly like Unison!

Mungyo Pastels are made in South Korea and are actually quite hard to purchase.  I bought my set from Amazon, however, this was the only set available.  I also searched Google for retailers but didn’t find any that sold the Handmade version.  So actually this is going to be a problem to be able to buy more!  Especially as there is no option to buy individual colours, therefore you can’t replace your favourite colours.  Also buying another smaller or bigger set, you will just end up duplicating the ones you already have.

They are I would say harder than Unison and definitely harder than Schmincke, but not as hard as most of the cheaper Brands.  So my conclusion is for the price, which I have to say is very very good, they are definitely worth it.  Especially for filling in larger areas where perhaps you would not wish to waste too much pastel with the more expensive brands.

There were a few new shades to add my to collection, which is growing rapidly!  Not sure I will ever use all of my soft pastels completely!

I have a large Plan Chest which is absolutely perfect for storing my soft pastels, pan pastels, sticks and pencils.  I do have a large variety.  The soft pastels are bedded on drawer inserts which I bought from Ikea.  These inserts are made for storing jewellery, but work great for pastels.

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