Dog Artist Devon UK

Dog Artist Devon

This is Jake.  Jake is a lovely cuddly Cockapoo and is owned by my hairdresser. She has two Cockapoos named Jake and Maisie, and Maisie’s portrait you will see on a different blog.

Apricot colour Cockapoo

Both portraits have an aperture size of 12″ x 10″ and sit side by side on the wall.  Sometimes it is preferable to have two individual paintings than having them painted together. However, I can edit two individual photos together in the mock up to see how they look together.  This does depends on a lot of factors if they will match, notably the light in which they were taken.  Bright sunshine casts deep shadows, whereas a bright day but not direct sunlight will be softer and more natural, so they will need to be taken in the same light.

Photographs as Reference

If you live local to me, then I can take photographs, free of charge, which of course both Jake and Maisie do, so I was able to take their photos and use for reference. My client wanted a cropped full face version which I think looks great, especially in the smaller aperture size of 12″  x 10″.