Retriever Painting

Retriever Painting

Retrievers and Labradors are usually very laid back and our Border Terrier has lots of labrador friends, and it is lucky they are so laid back! Click the link to see the full version of this Pastel Painting.

Pet Portraits locally

You can see the devotion in this retriever’s expression, which is portrayed expertly in this painting. A fine art pet portrait from a Pet Portrait Artist near to you.

How long will it take?

I would recommend booking at least three months in advance, which is my usual lead time although this can vary.  So if you have a birthday date or it’s a festive time of year it is wise to book early to avoid any disappointment.

Once I start your portrait I will be in touch and will keep you update on progress.  Completion time varies between each breed and it’s complexity, so I allow myself at least a week for each commission.  

During the summer months I am able to work well into the evening still having enough natural light coming in, giving me time off during the day to do other things.  That is a real bonus working for yourself as an Artist. The winter months can be frustrating especially when it is dark and dismal, as I like to work under natural daylight.

Custom dog paintings

If you would like to commission me for a portrait of your dog, please do not hesitate to get in touch through the Contact page and I will reply as soon as I can. Give me as much detail as you can, for instance, timescale and size of painting.