Dog Portrait Artist

Dog Portrait Artist

Ozzie’s dog portrait painting I did a few months ago and this is to show you as an artist his cheeky expression. Apparently he often holds his ears in this way and looks sorry for himself! It always amazes me the many difficult expressions a dog can give you. They really do not need to able to speak, all they need is that “look”.

Although I have titled myself as a Dog Portrait Artist, I do paint other animals. However dogs are by far the most popular animal. We know why don’t we, being such great companions and it gives us a good excuse to exercise too!

Black animals can be really hard to capture not only as a painting but taking photographs of them too. As the photograph reference is so important it is so imperative to get as good as photo as you can. The reference image for Ozzie’s painting was absolutely perfect, and I was able to capture all the lovely blues, purples and warm tones to his black coat.

As well as painting I equally really enjoy photography too, so am more than happy if it is possible to take photos of your dog.

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