Local Pet Artist


This is Sprocket whose parents saw in a local cafe one of my pet paintings.  They were looking for a local pet artist to paint their lovely cocker spaniel for Christmas.

Local Pet Artist

I visited Sprocket to take some photographs.  She was such a good dog and loved sitting and posing.  I sat her on an outside bench.  The weather was perfect being a bright overcast day.  Too much sun will cause dark contrasting shadows and bright highlights.  Some overcast days are a little to dull, but a camera can be adjusted accordingly.  The photos can also be edited in photoshop. However, I like to get photos as natural as possible for colour.

As a bonus Sprocket’s owners had a free photoshoot with some lovely images of Sprocket. 

My photographs are taken in a raw format so the light can be lifted slightly, not too much.  You have more options with camera photography.  Although some phones especially iphones do have good cameras, there is not much post production to be achieved.

I really enjoy taking photographs, especially portrait.  Not so much into scenery photography.  It brings a smile to your face when you have captured a special moment or expression on someone’s face.