Dog Artist Barnstaple



German Shepherd dog Solomon.

Dog Artist Barnstaple

We have been living in Littleham which is not far from Barnstaple for 5 years now!  Since that time I have been building a reputation locally. One big benefit of finding a local artist is that I can meet your dog. A photography shoot can be arranged at minimal cost which is ideal to capture the best photo for reference.

You can be assured I have lots of patience and know how difficult it can be, especially when they have minds of their own!

German Shepherd Dogs have lovely thick dense coats which with the pastel medium I can create a soft realistic feel to the painting.  Building layers with deeper base colours adds to the texture.

Please get in touch should you wish to find out more.  Either by my dedicated phone number 07367 116 468 or through my contact form.  If you prefer to contact me through this number, please leave a message if I do not answer.  I do not like to return calls unless a message has been left.