Pet Artist Feedback


As a pet artist and working from clients own photos, feedback means a great deal.  Receiving really positive comments from the recipients help boost my confidence. It can sometimes be a little daunting when the painting is delivered and waiting for a response.  Then the relief comes flooding in, not only that it has arrived safely, but receiving the overwhelming kind comments.

Our pets are so very special, especially the canine variety.  Sadly when they leave us it creates such a void in our lives. Of course we have photo snaps to remind us of all the walks and fun times, but a painting means just that little bit more.  After all they are a member of the family, never to be forgotten.

Floss the Collie 

Here is Floss a beautiful Collie Dog who was so devoted to her family.  Floss’ painting was commissioned as a special anniversary surprise.  Today I received a lovely email, here is what was said….. “With the help of  our 8 year old daughter Eleanor I opened the 10th wedding anniversary gift on Thursday morning.  The beautiful painting reduced us both to tears.  It now has a prominent place on our living room wall”.

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