Realistic Dog Artist

Gifting a Pet Portrait

I like to know a little bit about your dog and it is lovely to see some extra photos too. It is essential as a dog artist to capture a painting in a realistic style to have a good reference image.

Jake is a very clever boy and has climbed all the Munro mountains in Scotland! He adores being on the riverbank with Jim (his dad) when he is fishing (his passion since childhood). Jake is a very clever lad and taught himself to slip into the water and “land” the fish without damaging it!

Usually I recommend a photograph that is not facing directly at the camera, but in this instance the expression said it all! Sometimes it can be more difficult to create a 3d effect with the angle head on, especially with black animals!

Dog Artist capturing realistic expressions

Jake has such lovely huge eyes full of love as you can see. You could make a up an imaginary story of what he maybe thinking. Most likely it will involve, food, walks and playing, and most likely in that order too!

Black Labrador Pet Portraits

The black labs are definitely very popular and this breed are so friendly and make great family companions. If you are interested in having your labrador painted or any breed of dog I would love to hear from you.

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